Straight Teeth in Six months or Less!

If you are not happy with alignment of your front teeth, you may be a candidate for short-term orthodontic therapy provided in our clinic.

Compared to normal braces, Six Month Orthodontics is the winning choice for many patients.

Simply put, it is a short term orthodontic process that usually takes about 6 months. It does not last as long as normal braces, The six month braces might not be able to do as much as traditional braces, but they can easily fix a string of problems in alignment and placement of the teeth, especially in the cosmetic areas of your smile.

Most patients seeking orthodontic treatment have a chief complaint related to the esthetics of their teeth (eg. crooked, spaces or gaps). Although some patients may have complaints related to headaches, or facial profile concerns, the great majority of patients want to improve their smiles.

The goal of the six month braces is to give the patient a great smile. Six month braces is similar to Porcelain Veneers, bonding and other Cosmetic Dentistry procedures. Instead of preparing the teeth and bonding porcelain veneers to them, the teeth are moved orthodontically to their most beautiful position. This is not to say that we do not change the bite because we do, but the main focus of treatment is the of the front teeth. This usually solves the chief complaint of the patient and gives the desired result - a great smile.

It is also more cost effective than the conventional orthodontic treatment including Invisalign.

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