Dental Veneers

Make Over Your Smile with Our Steele Creek Veneers!

A dental veneer is a thin layer of synthetic material, usually either porcelain or composite material, that is bonded to the tooth’s surface to improve its appearance and strength. Sometimes called “instant orthodontics,” veneers are a noninvasive procedure that allow us to completely make over your smile in just one or two appointments. If your teeth are structurally healthy, but you are not pleased with their aesthetic appearance, veneers are often an excellent solution.

Am I a Good Candidate for Veneers? 

In order to qualify for dental veneers, you must have healthy teeth and gums. This is because during the application process, about .5 mm of enamel will be removed, and the remaining tooth material must be strong and healthy enough to support the veneers. If you are struggling with gum disease, oral infections, or tooth decay, those conditions must be resolved first through other means before you can pursue veneers. The good news is, with the help of your Steele Creek dentist, they usually can be resolved with thorough cleaning and ongoing oral hygiene habits.

Applying Veneers: Our Process

Veneers are typically applied in two visits. The first visit prepares the teeth, and the second applies the veneers.

  • Visit # 1:The dentist prepares the teeth by removing about 0.3 to 0.5 mm of enamel. This will allow room for the veneer layer. Without this removal, your veneers would look and feel bulky and strange. After preparation, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and send it to the dental laboratory that will create the veneers.
  • Visit # 2:The teeth are cleaned, and the veneers are permanently bonded to them with a special dental cement. This dental cement is then hardened with a blue curing light.

Considering Dental Veneers in Steele Creek?

If you have any questions about the veneer treatment process, or would like to learn more, click here to request an appointment with our office!